Photographic Practices Photographic Practices is a group made up of artists who work at the University of the Arts London. Common to the artists' work, but not exclusive to their practices, is an interest in photography and lens-based media. Set up in 2010 at Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges the group highlights and questions ways in which artists are using photography today. The group is made up of academic and support staff as well as Professors and Readers. Theses staff deliver and support teaching on fine art and photography courses as well as other programmes where photography and lens-based media play a central role as a means of research.

One of the intentions of the group is to expose common areas of interest and strands of research. Through exhibition and discussion the group has identified three themes: Territories, Materiality and Performance. These themes are intended to focus debate and collaboration in photographic and lens-based research across the University
Events & Exhibitions
Territories Materiality Performance  
Contested landscape • earth and environment • land and conflict Surface • photograph as sculpture • technology Theatricality of the photographic process • performative act of viewing photographs